Facts matter

I'm a resident of "La La Land" as described by recent contributor Milton Leiker, Hays, in his comments to the HDN. And I'm also a huge admirer of Bob Hooper's frequent contributions to the HDN. I especially like Hooper's citations of authority and direction to sources for determining the accuracy and truth of his allegations, facts and written statements. And not surprising to me, living in La La Land and wanting accurate evidence at the same time, does not create any conflict in my life.

Leiker's tome discussed his opinions and thoughts about religion,disarmament, abortion/marriage, money/debt, inflation, regulation and Agenda 21. He had much to say. And he made many assertions.

However, he did not cite one reference to sources, authorities or basis in fact; merely his own current beliefs. Opinions are legitimate, but they do not constitute either facts or truth. And believing opinions and beliefs are the same as facts and truth is the basis for an ill-informed and misinformed citizen and voter.

What about the matters of accuracy and truth? When it comes to the accuracy and truth of an allegation, Bob Hooper offers evidence. And that's my point from here in "La La Land."

Bob White