Where's the progress?

In reading Patrick Lowry's editorial in the April 30 edition of The Hays Daily News, I was struck that once again I was hearing that any person with religious beliefs was just going to have to accept what society was offering as the new norm. Removing social stigma from certain behaviors and practices has been happening for some time.

The changing and evolving of society and what is acceptable has left many questions.

Since accepting living together without marriage, has there been less domestic violence -- or more? Since accepting children being raised outside of marriage, are there fewer kids in unstable and unsafe environments -- or are there more? Since accepting birth control and abortion as a way to eliminate unwanted babies, is there less abuse and neglect of children -- or is there more?

These are just a few examples of unanswered questions. After almost two generations of evolving on social issues, shouldn't our "progressive" society be showing some progress?

Karla Ruder