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For rent 3,300sq ft office space. 3000 Broadway Call 785-625-6554 or 785-623-7777
1011B CENTENNIAL, 1,350 sq. ft. (785) 625-6554 or (785) 625-5387
(785) 625-6554

Placing A Classified Ad:
When placing an ad electronically by e-mail or using the online ad order form, your ad is NOT guaranteed placement until you confirm that the cost of the ad is

Place a Classified Ad:

  • by phone call 1-800-657-6017
  • using the online form
  • stop by the newspaper

Classified Ad rates:

Rates vary depending on the number of words in the ad. You will receive notification by e-mail of the cost of your ad. Please let the classified advertising department know right away if you have concerns or questions regarding the amount.

Classified Ad deadlines:

Monday 2 p.m. - Friday
Tuesday 2 p.m. - Monday
Wednesday 2 p.m. - Tuesday
Thursday 2 p.m. - Wednesday
Friday 2 p.m. - Thursday
Sunday 1 p.m. - Friday

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