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Sports Scores


Prep basketball


Atwood 76, St. Francis 65

Dighton 62, Oberlin 47

Hillsboro 50, Goodland 47

Lakeside 42, Lincoln 32

Minneapolis 68, Russell 35

Rock Hills 42, Natoma 37

Salina Central 62, Andover 58

Salina South 62, Sacred Heart 47

Sharon Springs 75, Leoti 38

St. John's Beloit-Tipton 57, Osborne 34

Sylvan-Lucas 61, Thunder Ridge 48


Dighton 44, Atwood 11

Dodge City 71, Hays High 28

Hesston 51, Goodland 18

Hoisington 60, Victoria 46

Hoxie 65, St. Francis 13

Lincoln 33, Lakeside 26

Minneapolis 47, Otis-Bison 24

Osborne 59, Wilson 34

Sharon Springs 63, Oberlin 42

Sylvan-Lucas 43, Natoma 41 (ot)

Tescott 41, Rock Hills 33

Trego 56, Leoti 27

Thunder Ridge 33, St. John's Beloit-Tipton 30

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HDN Area Track and Field Honor Roll, April 19

Published on -4/19/2012, 11:00 AM

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Name School Class. Time

Morss La Crosse 1A 11.00

Delton Hays High 5A 11.06

Brown Colby 4A 11.08

Struckhoff Th. Ridge 1A 11.10

Anderson Hill City 2A 11.10

Schurr Osborne 1A 11.10


Name School Class. Time

Morrs La Crosse 1A 22.21

Struckhoff Th. Ridge 1A 22.70

Hermann Hays High 5A 23.02

Kuhlmann Smith Center 2A 23.08

Schurr Osborne 1A 23.12

Delton Hays High 5A 23.15


Name School Class. Time

Brungardt Hays High 5A 50.87

Stull La Crosse 2A 51.18

Jones Oberlin 2A 51.68

Anderson Hill City 2A 52.87

Townsdin Phillipsburg 3A 52.95

Riedel Trego 2A 53.33


Name School Class. Time

Stumon Hays High 5A 2:00.00

Staab Hays High 5A 2:00.48

Munsch Hays High 5A 2:06.07

Jones Oberlin 2A 2:08.39

Johnson Natoma 1A 2:08.63

Carson Ness City 1A 2:08.88


Name School Class. Time

Fort Hays High 5A 4:24.35

Johnson Plainville 2A 4:28.80

Drees Hays High 5A 4:38.14

Schauvliege Ness City 2A 4:40.63

Hays No. Valley 1A 4:42.33

Grund Sharon Springs 1A 4:45.38


Name School Class. Time

Johnson Plainville 2A 9:31.60

Hays No. Valley 1A 10:16.13

Shields Oberlin 2A 10:25.06

Drees Hays High 5A 10:26.81

Schauvliege Ness City 1A 10:29.74

Kaiser Hays High 5A 10:42.12


Name School Class. Time

Deterding Hays High 5A 14.43

Newlan Phillipsburg 3A 14.89

Carrasco Hays High 5A 16.27

Bellamy Goodland 3A 16.51

Hixon Plainville 2A 16.52

LeRock Osborne 1A 16.53

Webs La Crosse 1A 16.53


Name School Class. Time

Webs La Crosse 1A 41.14

Bellamy Goodland 3A 41.19

Storie La Crosse 1A 41.66

Hixon Plainville 2A 43.02

Carrasco Hays High 5A 43.17

Bonsall Goodland 3A 45.06


School Class. Time

Hays High 5A 44.02

Ellis 2A 44.36

Phillipsburg 3A 44.57

Norton 3A 44.78

La Crosse 1A 44.90

Osborne 1A 45.04


School Class. Time

Hays High 5A 3:26.26

La Crosse 1A 3:32.46

Hill City 2A 3:35.21

Phillipsburg 3A 3:36.39

Goodland 3A 3:38.08

Oberlin 2A 3:40.43


School Class. Time

Hays High 5A 7:55.98

Oberlin 2A 8:39.68

Norton 3A 8:43.54

La Crosse 1A 8:45.84

Hoxie 1A 8:48.11

Ness City 1A 8:56.99

Long jump

Name School Class. Distance

Werner Plainville 2A 22-43âÑ4

Morss La Crosse 1A 21-61âÑ4

Bixenman Hays High 5A 21-51âÑ2

Struckhoff Th. Ridge 1A 21-41âÑ2

Windholz Hays High 5A 21-1

Casey Plainville 2A 20-5

Triple jump

Name School Class. Distance

Deterding Hays HIgh 5A 44-03âÑ4

Wickham Phillipsburg 3A 43-10

Herman Th. Ridge 1A 43-51âÑ2

Karst Russell 3A 42-8

Windholz Hays High 5A 42-63âÑ4

Dreiling Hays High 5A 42-11âÑ2

High jump

Name School Class. Height

Deterding Hays High 5A 6-8

Bixenman Hays High 5A 6-6

Schiltz St. Francis 1A 6-4

Stull La Crosse 1A 6-2

Brooks Norton 3A 6-0

Kaiser Wh-Grinnell 1A 5-10

Derr Phillipsburg 3A 5-10

Yoxall Th. Ridge 1A 5-10

Casey Plainville 2A 5-10

Schemm Sharon Springs 1A 5-10

Pole vaullt

Name School Class. Height

Antrim Norton 3A 13-6

Hager Norton 3A 13-6

Baumgarn Hays HIgh 5A 13-51âÑ4

Archer Logan 1A 12-6

Werth TMP 3A 12-6

Hunsicker Ellis 2A 12-6

Shot Put

Name School Class. Distance

Sharp Hays High 5A 52-71âÑ2

Klein Plainville 2A 52-6

Binder Hays HIgh 5A 50-2

Madden Hays High 5A 47-41âÑ2

Coomes Th. Ridge 1A 46-4

Ghumm Trego 2A 45-11


Name School Class. Distance

Sharp Hays High 5A 157-8

Klein Plainville 2A 155-2

Winder Osborne 1A 155-1

Ochs Quinter 1A 151-8

Madden Hays HIgh 5A 148-51âÑ2

Binder Hays High 5A 147-3


Name School Class. Distance

Hrabe Th. Ridge 1A 180-6

Derr Phillipsburg 3A 180-5

Kaiser Wh-Grinnell 1A 178-6

Gabel Ness City 2A 172-6

Lowe Th. Ridge 1A 167-4

Ochs Quinter 1A 166-5



Name School Class. Time

Riedel Trego 2A 12.74

Wedel Russell 3A 13.05

Flanagin Colby 4A 13.11

Dorshorst Oberlin 2A 13.13

Vanderplas Phillipsburg 3A 13.13

Leitner Atwood 2A 13.19

Phlieger Natoma 1A 13.19


Name School Class. Time

Riedel Trego 2A 26.55

Vanderplas Phillipsburg 3A 26.65

Leitner Atwood 2A 27.23

Dorshorst Oberlin 2A 27.50

Phlieger Natoma 1A 27.63

Reeder Trego 2A 27.70


Name School Class. Time

Pfannenstiel Hays High 5A 1:00.57

Riedel Trego 2A 1:00.58

Polivka Oberlin 2A 1:02.93

Hahn Ness City 2A 1:03.32

Hileman Smith Center 2A 1:03.50

McKee Colby 4A 1:04.35


Name School Class. Time

Ruder TMP 3A 2:19.78

Rubottom Ness City 2A 2:27.68

Zimmerman Hays High 5A 2:28.26

Kuhlman Sharon Springs 1A 2:30.04

Finley Colby 4A 2:30.94

Engelbert Norton 3A 2:33.87


Name School Class. Time

Ruder TMP 3A 5:11.00

Finley Colby 4A 5:38.54

Mick Osborne 2A 5:48.19

Tustin Wh-Grinnell 1A 6:00.19

Rubottom Ness City 1A 6:05.30

Reneberg Th. Ridge 1A 6:05.77


Name School Class. Time

Ruder TMP 3A 11:50.37

Finley Colby 4A 12:06.60

Mick Osborne 2A 12:59.60

S. Griffith Norton 3A 13:00.93

VanLoenen Hill City 2A 13:14.58

Johnson Quinter 1A 13:30.31


Name School Class. Time

Schlaefli Hays High 5A 16.72

Wilson Oakley 2A 17.08

Reed Quinter 1A 17.23

Lawellin Hill City 2A 17.46

HIssong Oberlin 2A 17.66

Smith Lakeside 1A 17.66


Name School Class. Time

Ruder TMP 3A 49.70

Flax TMP 3A 49.90

Flanagin Colby 4A 50.08

Heim Hoxie 1A 50.63

Zerr Quinter 1A 50.74

Shields Oberlin 2A 50.75


School Class. Time

Phillipsburg 3A 51.40

Ness City 2A 52.22

Russell 3A 52.72

Colby 4A 52.58

Trego 2A 52.86

Quinter 1A 52.98


School Class. Time

Ness City 1A 4:15.73

Oberlin 2A 4:16.50

Trego 2A 4:20.62

Quinter 1A 4:20.82

Phillipsburg 3A 4:21.02

Norton 3A 4:22.55


School Class. Time

Ness City 2A 10:21.26

Oberlin 2A 10:33.97

Norton 3A 10:36.76

Hoxie 1A 10:46.86

Hays High 5A 10:58.61

TMP 3A 11:06.10

Long jump

Name School Class. Distance

Reeder Trego 2A 16-21âÑ4

Dorshorst Oberlin 2A 16-21âÑ4

Marlier Lakeside 1A 15-10

Gilbert La Crosse 1A 15-10

Braun Victoria 1A 15-3

S. Wilkison Phillipsburg 3A 15-2

High jump

Name School Class. Height

Zimmerman Hays High 5A 5-4

Jones Oberlin 2A 5-2

Grafel Natoma 1A 5-2

Farber Hoxie 1A 5-2

Mick Osborne 1A 5-0

Atchison Th. Ridge 1A 5-0

Triple jump

Name School Class. Distance

Rogge Triplains 1A 34-6

Roopchan Colby 4A 34-1

Zimmerman Hays High 5A 33-10

C. Heim Hoxie 1A 33-7

Bannister Otis-Bison 1A 32-91âÑ4

Reeder Trego 2A 33-81âÑ4

Pole vaullt

Name School Class. Height

Gottschalk TMP 3A 9-6

E. Taylor TMP 3A 9-6

Ambrosier Norton 3A 9-6

Maddy Norton 3A 8-6

Finley Colby 4A 8-6

Flax Hays High 5A 8-0

Ratliff Smith Center 3A 8-0

Jones Norton 3A 8-0

Fritts Trego 2A 8-0

Shot Put

Name School Class. Distance

Blau Oberlin 2A 37-81âÑ2

Burr Cheylin 1A 36-111âÑ2

Tammen Otis-Bison 1A 36-6

Melvin Norton 3A 36-01âÑ2

Pywell Plainville 2A 35-71âÑ2

Nickell Norton 3A 35-6


Name School Class. Distance

Melvin Norton 3A 117-3

Tammen Otis-Bison 1A 111-5

Armbruster Plainville 3A 109-8

Chvatal Atwood 2A 105-7

Sasse Smith Center 2A 104-5

Haresnape Smith Center 2A 104-1


Name School Class. Distance

Toll Hill City 2A 118-7

Melvin Norton 3A 116-2

Tammen Otis-Bison 1A 115-5

Honas Ellis 2A 110-8

Albert Smith Center 2A 109-6

Melvin Norton 3A 109-2

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