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USD 489 to consider revising negotiation team





The Hays USD 489 Board of Education will face a short agenda at its meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the Toepfer Board Room at the Rockwell Administration Center, 323 W. 12th.

Board members will take action on revising their policy for negotiating with union representatives. If approved, the district will have one negotiating team, including the board president and vice president, superintendent, assistant superintendents and board attorney Bill Jeter for all negotiations.

Currently, the district's team when negotiating with the Hays-NEA bargaining unit representatives includes the board president and vice president, superintendent and assistant superintendents.

"We don't determine who they have on their team, and they don't determine who we have," said Kim Schneweis, co-chairwoman of the H-NEA bargaining unit.

The district's team representing the board in negotiations with the Service Employees International Union had included superintendent Will Roth, deputy superintendent Richard Cain and Jeter.

The SEIU is represented by four members of the local union, which changes nearly every year, and Harold Schlechtweg, a hired representative, Cain said.

"I was told they added him (Jeter) because he also works with the SEIU negotiations, and they wanted to have the same people negotiating with both groups," Schneweis said.

There has been a couple changes in the H-NEA team, but it's teacher members replacing others.

"We don't intend to bring in any (legal advice) at the table," she said.

However, the team has access to legal resources if there are questions.

"We just go into it optimistically, and hope we can all work together," Schneweis said.

The only other item of new business on the agenda is an update on district assessment scores.