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BOE to discuss negotiating teams





Union negotiating team members are on the Hays USD 489 Board of Education's meeting agenda. The board meets at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the Toepfer Board Room at Rockwell Administration Center, 323 W. 12th.

Board members will consider revising their policy for negotiating with union representatives.

The current policy of including the board president and vice president, superintendent and assistant superintendents on the team when negotiating with Hays-NEA bargaining unit representatives was approved in October. It was implemented for the 2012 negotiations.

Superintendent Will Roth and assistant superintendent Richard Cain and board attorney Bill Jeter have served as the team representing the board in negotiations with the Service Employees International Union.

"It's been that way as long as I remember," Roth said.

The proposed policy revision would dictate there be one team including the board president, vice president, superintendent, assistant superintendent and board attorney for negotiations with both unions.

"We ought to have the same team for both," board member Greg Schwartz said at Monday's work session.

"I'm in favor of that," board member Marty Patterson said.

"We've always had a good working relationship with the SEIU," Jeter said.

"If Bill (Jeter) doesn't think it would be detrimental to have board members in on the negotiations (with SEIU), I have no problem with it as long as we don't try to micromanage or mess things up," board member Richard Kraemer said.

Jeter was a member of both teams until negotiations with Hays-NEA went to interest-based bargaining.

Schwartz suggested the board consider discussing a change from interest-based bargaining with H-NEA representatives.

The interest-based bargaining process is "governed more by who's in the room and less by the process in which you negotiate," he said.

The first reading also includes policy revisions in the drug free schools section and removing the early retirement requirements because they appear in the Hays-NEA collective agreement, SEIU master agreement, and classified and administrative handbooks.

Board members also will consider approving a tentative agreement with SEIU representatives. The agreement gives a 2.5-percent raise to all members' base salaries and entry level salaries for all positions, adds a labor market adjustment of 25 cents per hour to tier two employees' and 10 cents per hour to tier one employees' hourly rate.