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Angela Delzeit


As a college admissions counselor, Angela Delzeit's job always is changing and never ending.

Delzeit, a Hays High School and Fort Hays State University graduate, is starting her fifth year as a recruiter at the school.

"What I really like about this job is that every day is not ever the same thing," she said. "I get to constantly meet brand new people all the time."

Admissions counselors hit the road going to high schools and college fairs from September to December, take a break, then hit the road again from January to March. In April, they are involved with pre-enrolling students, then pre-enroll in the summer the students who didn't do it in the spring. Also during the summer, the counselors visit the different departments to get up to date on what is going on.

"It's a constant cycle," Delzeit said.

Delzeit meets hundreds of prospective students each year. Just when she thinks she's heard it all, there's always an interesting question coming her way about roommates.

Like a good recruiter, Delzeit has a ready reply: You can choose your own roommate or fill out a form with a profile of yourself and get matched up.