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Name, appearance changing at mall





The Centennial Mall, 2510 Vine, is undergoing a facelift. The mall is getting a new name, too.

Gina Stern, president of Centennial Investments LLC, has announced an exterior improvements project at the shopping center.

A new color palette is now viewable at the north building, where Steinert Liquor, Advance America and the new Betty grocery store are located. The work has progressed to the north end of the main building, where Quilt Cottage is situated, and will move south along the frontage.

The structural steel is being fabricated for the construction of a new entrance to be located at the south entry door.

"The mall looked like something out of the late 1970s, early '80s," Stern said. "I'm hoping to sort of bring the mall into the 21st century."

The mall's name is being changed to Centennial Plaza.

"I am excited about the new look and name for Centennial Plaza," Stern said. "The present facility was looking very much dated, and we decided to give back to the center, and make much-needed major improvements."

Stern, who has owned the mall since 2007, has one vacancy, a 3,000-square foot storefront that used to be a bridal shop. She hopes the improvements will help persuade a tenant to set up shop.

Commercial Builders Inc. of Hays is in charge of the project, while another local company, Innovative Interspace, is consulting on the look and design of the exterior. The project is expected to take another two to three months to complete. There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10:30 a.m. Nov. 8., followed by a weekend of shopping events.