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Delinquent tax deadline rapidly approaching





A week from today is the deadline for paying delinquent real estate taxes.

Real estate tax notices, first published in The Hays Daily News on Sept. 16, are in today's issue and will be published for the final time next Friday.

Taxpayers have until Aug. 30 to pay, said Ellis County Treasurer Ann Pfeifer. Those who pay their tax bill by Monday won't appear in the delinquent tax list next week.

There were 250 delinquent properties from the 2012 tax rolls listed in last week's first publication, totaling $523,520. Of that amount, there were approximately a dozen taxpayers, including hotels, restaurants and oil companies, who owe more than $10,000 each. The biggest bill is owed by Denver Fund Ltd., of almost $59,000. Pfeifer said that was for the Days Inn property at 3205 Vine.

"When you get a big one, it's going to increase your amount a lot," Pfeifer said.

If the property tax is three years delinquent, there can be a tax sale, at the discretion of the county commissioners. The last tax sale was in 2010.

"The tax sale is for any real estate properties that are three years delinquent or more," Pfeifer said. "You can do a foreclosure sale on them; we can take the property, then sell the property to cover the taxes.

"I know we are not doing a tax sale this year, but we will be reviewing our records to see who would be eligible for a tax sale, to get ready to do one in the future."

For 2011 tax rolls, there were 306 Ellis County taxpayers who owed $549,660.

Since the first publication last week, people have come in to pay their taxes, Pfeifer said.

Next up for the treasurer's office is seeking to collect delinquent personal property and oil taxes.

"In October, we'll do the publications for personal property," Pfeifer said. "We'll just get done with this tax roll, then we'll start with the new one in November."