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Numbers changing throughout the U.S.


According to a survey by Rasmussen Reports in September, Republican affiliation in the U.S. has hit an all-time high.

The number of Americans who consider themselves Republicans jumped nearly three points in August, with 37.6 percent of Americans considering themselves part of the GOP, the report said. The previous peak was 37.3 percent in September 2004.

The number of Democrats slipped to 33.3 percent in August, according to the report. Still, that's an improvement from February, when 32.4 percent described themselves as Democrats, the lowest level ever measured by the survey.

The Rasmussen survey showed the number of voters not affiliated with either main party fell to 29.2 percent last month. That's the smallest number of unaffiliated voters since 2009.

Gallup pollsters had 29 percent Democrats, 26 percent Republican and 42 percent independent in an August survey. Taking into account "leaners" for both parties, Democrats outnumbered Republicans, 44 percent to 41 percent.