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Johnston ready to take on challenge as Ellis mayor





ELLIS -- Lyle Johnston thought the Ellis mayor election might be close, but he didn't expect it to be decided by less than 10 votes.

Johnston was elected mayor Tuesday by nine votes over incumbent David R. McDaniel.

Despite the close race, McDaniel was prepared to concede the election Wednesday.

"We don't need a recount," he said.

In an unusual coincidence, Ellis' first mayor, George Johnston, was elected April 2, 1888, 125 years ago, Johnston said.

Though they share the same last name, the two aren't related -- but it's a "neat historical footnote," he said.

Johnston has been a member of the city council for three years and is anticipating working together with the council to set goals for the streets.

He hopes to come up with a "comprehensive plan for us and others in the future -- plan for going forward," he said.

McDaniel, a local businessman for 42 years, has been mayor for 16 years, longer than any other in the office.

He will serve on committees, if asked, and hasn't ruled out a run for office in the future.

He's proud of the city's accomplishments during his tenure.

"I'm happy with what's gone on," he said. "The closeness of the vote indicates that I've not done a bad job."

Johnston will be sworn in during the April 15 meeting.