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FHSU launches new virtual campus tour


Fort Hays State University recently launched a virtual campus tour and interactive campus and city maps providing information to prospective students, parents, alumni, community members and FHSU employees.

"From the admissions standpoint, it's a good way for prospective students to see campus life at FHSU," said Tricia Cline, director of admissions and project leader. "It's also a fantastic way for virtual students to interact and feel connected to the university."

The theme-based tour is broken into various aspects of student experience at FHSU, including academics, student life, athletics and student pride, hands-on learning and internationalization, among others. Students, faculty and alumni share the FHSU story through short videos on each of these themes as well as a substantial number of testimonial videos by students and faculty.

CampusTours builds video tours, photorealistic interactive campus maps, mobile walking tours and custom data-driven multimedia applications for higher education, non-profit and government clients worldwide. With more than 200 completed presentations, CampusTours has developed a reputation for institutional storytelling through creative and compelling multimedia.

The tour can be seen at tour.fhsu.edu or access it from the university home page at www.fhsu.edu.