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Garage gym aims to help all skill levels get fit





South Wind Fitness doesn't have televisions mounted on the wall or expensive exercise equipment.

Instead of high-tech devices, the garage gym, located on the north side of the building at 301 E. 10th, offers personal attention, said Sharlie Staab, owner and head coach.

"I've been to similar gyms when I lived in Texas, and I just loved the community aspect of a garage gym like this," she said.

Staab developed a passion for weightlifting in middle school but has been doing this style of working out focused on strength and gymnastic movements for approximately a year and a half.

The gym, which opened in late September, offers two or three one-hour classes each day. Besides Staab, there are three other coaches, Tucker Mall, Jill Mall and Dustin Koster.

"We try to keep class sizes small, so everybody gets personal attention while they're here," Staab said. "Each time you come to class, you're going to get personal attention."

Programs are individualized for participants' ability levels.

"We may have a really good athlete who can do the workout with higher weight, higher intensity. Or we may have an older individual or someone who hasn't worked out in a while, and we tailor it to their needs and their abilities," she said.

"We'll accommodate pretty much everybody," Tucker Mall said.

"If you haven't worked out for 20 years, we will have something that will work for you," Staab said. "You'll be doing the same movements as everybody else, but we know how to break it down to the elements. If you can't lift the bar, we have PVC pipe. If you can't do a full range push up, we can modify it for your needs. It's scalable. Everybody can do these workouts."

Options include Olympic-style weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics movements and Tabata training.

"It's constantly varied, so that you don't get into a routine," Staab said of the classes.

A class schedule is posted at southwindfitness.wordpress.com.