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G&J Home Accents closing after 12 years





G&J Home Accents, located at 2707 Vine, is in the process of closing.

The store, which has products that include florals, plants, candy and gifts, has been at the location for 12 years.

Owner Mary Wright said the store has not been profitable the last couple years. She said closing the store will allow her to take care of her mother at home.

"Not that it wasn't good -- it was a great, great thing," Wright said. "It's just time to move on, and can't spend $5,000 a month on a nursing home when you can do that yourself."

Wright said she is attempting to sell all of her inventory. There is a 50 percent off all items sign outside the building, but she will close before selling it all if she can sell the building first.

Wright said the economy has hurt her recently, as well as other services competitors offer. She said some customers started using the Internet for quicker delivery of products, which was a service she offered.

"Once people found it, I had customers that wouldn't shop anywhere else," she said. "They loved what I had, and then I catered to them. That's how I based all my orders on with my customers."

Wright said there was no particular product that hurt her business, just everything as a whole. She said she currently has no future business plans, just taking care of her mother.

"It was profitable for the first 10 years, which I should have got out then, but I kept on," Wright said. "My original plan was 10 years, pay off my building, close and get out. But I stayed two more years."

G&J is the second store near the Vine and 27th intersection that is in the process of closing. Movie Gallery also is liquidating as part of a nationwide realignment plan by Movie Gallery Inc.