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6-year-old hosts carnival, raises funds for Aurora shooting victim





It took Logan Schoenberger, his family and friends three roles of duct tape, imagination, and a handful of household items to create and host last week's "Logan's Carnival Games."

Logan employed his sister Lisa, 12, his mother Amy, his father Jeff, and twin friends and neighbors Kaylee and Kelby Hammerschmidt, 6, to work as staff members.

"It's busy working at a carnival," said Kelby, who was in charge of the soccer kick game.

The July 26 carnival, in the Schoenberger driveway, was no ordinary carnival.

The carnival, which began at 7 p.m. and ended after dark, was a way Logan could raise money to donate to a cause of his choice. Amy said the family will donate the $70 Logan raised through 50-cent carnival admission and various donations to Ashley Moser, one of the Aurora, Colo., shooting victims. Moser's 6-year-old daughter Veronica was killed during the shooting. Moser, who is paralyzed as a result of gunshot wounds to the abdomen and neck, also suffered a miscarriage.

Logan said he wanted to donate the funds "to give them more money," so it could go toward hospital bills or other needs.

Logan created his own games out of household objects after he watched a YouTube video, where a young boy set up arcade games outside his dad's shop.

Before the carnival, Jeff said Logan was worried no one would come, but that was not the case.

"I couldn't believe it," Jeff said. "I figured 10, 15 people would show up, and pretty soon, the whole front yard was full of people."

Jeff said he was amazed at all the support the kids received from the 75 to 100 who attended. In addition to raising $70, some individuals and their families decided to match Logan's raised funds.

Angie and Wayne Hammerschmidt were one of at least five families who will match Logan's funds. Angie said she and her husband wanted to donate the money to a good cause and to someone who needed it.

Each person who attended was treated to hot dogs, popcorn and water. The popcorn and water were donated from Auto World.

A few of the featured games at the carnival included Balloon Pop, Fishing for Washers, Frisbee Throw, a quarter toss and more.

The family said the carnival was different when compared to others in a few ways, but one of the main differences was everyone won a prize.

"The prizes were little trinkets from ... Dollar General," Amy said.

She said that family donated items such as bubbles, rings and bracelets, so everyone could win an item.

Jeff said many of those who attended the event asked if the family would be hosting a similar event next year.

Jeff and Amy both said there is a possibility of a similar event occurring next year, with a new focus on where the funds will be donated.

Logan already is brainstorming ideas, wanting to make the event bigger and to include bumper cars.

"I'm going to have a derby in the garage," he said, which was met with "no" headshakes and laughter from his parents.