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Customers finding their way to Fiesta





Business has been good for Hays' newest Mexican restaurant, open barely three weeks. And that's with little advertising.

"We put a sign outside, that's about it," said Cosme Mendoza, manager of Fiesta Mexican Food, 501B Vine, a takeout restaurant located next to Domino's Pizza. "We just opened; people started coming. They like the food, tell other persons, too."

There are plenty of food options, everything from tacos, gorditas, burritos and quesadillas to combo plates. One of Mendoza's favorites is a taquito, a rolled-up tortilla filled with beef, onions, cilantro and sauce.

The menu is a work in progress; right now it's posted on cardboard on a wall.

"We're working on taking pictures of the plates," Mendoza said. "That way, we can make a real menu. People can see the picture, know what they're going to order."

Mendoza said the owner, Martha Ramirez, had worked at Mexican restaurants in Plainville and Liberal. She had been looking for a place to open in Hays.

"She was planning (to open) from a long time ago," Mendoza said. "She didn't have a chance until now.

"We were looking to rent. We saw the sign. We came and looked at it, saw everything ready. We decided to rent this place, see how it works."

The restaurant is open from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. daily, but is closed Mondays. Customers are encouraged to call ahead with orders at (785) 621-4295.

There is delivery for larger orders, Mendoza, said, with a minimum of approximately $25 or more.