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NCK Tech home sells to Beloit man





Jeff Fuller knows the quality of houses built by North Central Kansas Technical College students.

That's the reason he pushed the bid higher than $200,000 at Friday night's auction in Beloit. Fuller stopped at $205,000 -- and he lost the bid.

So Fuller came to the Hays campus for a similar auction the next day, got his house, and saved some money in the process.

Fuller, co-owner of Fuller Farms near Beloit, won the bid for the 1,860-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath home built on the Hays campus for $131,000.

It was the first house built by carpentry/cabinetmaking students in Hays in almost 30 years, and instructor Doug Marrs said he was "well pleased with the quality of the finished product."

Those in Marrs' program also were pleased with the selling price.

"Absolutely," said Trenton Roth, one of Marrs' students who showed up for the auction. "I was glad it covered the cost of material."

Marrs was the instructor of the Hays program in the mid-1980s before it was suspended on that campus for nearly 25 years and resurrected in 2009.

Meanwhile, the Beloit campus has been building homes close to 50 years.

The price tag has gone up considerably. The first home sold in Beloit, in 1965, for $5,600.

Some of the technology in building the homes has changed, too.

For instance, the Hays home, with solid oak wood interior, features green energy technology such as foil-back roof deck and subsiding and wet-filled cellulose insulation.

"Doug is known to be one of the more particular contractors in the city of Hays," Bob Munsch, Saturday's auctioneer, told the crowd of about 40 people who showed up for the event.

One of the bidders started at $75,000, and the bid went up in increments of $1,000 most of the way to the final selling price.

Fuller said he had not planned on going as high as he did Friday and wasn't all that disappointed about losing the bid "at that price."

Fuller showed up in Hays about 45 minutes before the start of the auction Saturday to check out the house, which before then he only had seen in photos on the Internet.

"The layout is different (than Beloit's house), things I like about both," said Fuller, who has until Sept. 1 to move the house from its location on the Hays campus.

Eric Burks, president of the technical college who attended both the weekend auctions, told Fuller, "I was sure glad to see you here today."

Burks said the technical college's Beloit campus, which often has built two houses in a school year, has auctioned more than 80 homes through the years.

Friday's $206,000 bid in Beloit was record setting for the school, which was started in 1964 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year.

"That was amazing, exciting," Burks said, "to see it go over $200,000."