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Northwest Kansas election results


Cheyenne County

Cheyenne County

Commissioner District 3

R-Brett Poling 372

WI-Andy Biekman (I) 217


I-Shane Guggenmos 272

I-David Warren 242

R-Cody Beeson 910


R-Dolores Jenik (I) 764

WI-Melissa McAtee 575

all precincts reporting

Decatur County

Commissioner District 3

D-Brad Long 67

R-Brad Marcuson 374

WI-Robert Jones 93

Special questions

Shall corporate dairies other than from a family farm corporation be allowed in Decatur County?

Yes 1,038

No 394

Shall the city of Oberlin impose a 1.5 percent citywide sales tax beginning April 1 to build a swimming pool?

Yes 567

No 311

all precincts reporting

Ellis County

Commissioner District 2

R-Barbara K. Wasinger 2,131

D-Dennis Pfannenstiel 1,680

Commissioner District 3

R-Ron Adams 1,923

D-Dean Haselhorst (I) 2,541


R-Butch Schlyer 5,740

D-Donna J. Maskus 6,524

all precincts reporting

Gove County

Commissioner District 2

R-Michael Gillespie 148

WI-Richard Schmalzried 16

WI-Robert Steerman 71


R-Doug Press 339

D-Shelby Getz 320

Special question

Shall the sale of liquor by the drink be allowed in Gove County in places where at least 30 percent of the gross receipts are from the sale of food for consumption on the premises, and prohibited in all other public places?

Yes 420

No 201

all precincts reporting

Graham County


R-Brandon "Cole" Presley (I) 1,100

I-Ronald L. Keith 198

District 17 Magistrate Judge

Position 1

R-Jessie Thompson 805

I-Karen Fountain 344

Special questions

Shall a countywide 0.25 percent sales tax be imposed for the purpose of funding economic development?

Yes 452

No 800

Shall the Graham County School District change its method of electing a school board from member districts to at-large?

Yes 781

No 378

all precincts reporting

Logan County

Commissioner District 2

R-David Hubert 344

D-Robert Scott (I) 149

all precincts reporting

Norton County

Special question

Shall the city of Norton impose a 0.75 percent citywide sales tax beginning April 1 to build a city swimming pool and pay for operating costs?

Yes 666

No 594

all precincts reporting

Osborne County

District Magistrate Judge

R-Richard Linton 744

D-Renee Henke 1,053

Special question

Shall Lawrence Township turn township operations over to Osborne County?

Yes 15

No 7

all precincts reporting

Phillips County

Commissioner District 2

R-Max Dibble 800

D-Patricia I. Northup 269

Commissioner District 3

R-William Greving 539

WI-Dan Mulder 166


R-Judy Roland (I) 1,877

WI-Amy Hanchett 404

Special question

Shall the sale of alcoholic liquor by the individual drink in Phillips County be allowed in public places without a requirement that any portion of gross receipts be from sale of food?

Yes 1,302

No 1,045

all precincts reporting

Rawlins County


R-Rachel M. Finley 839

D-Janice Bohme 577

all precincts reporting

Rooks County

Commissioner District 3

R-Corwin (Corky) Hagan 454

D-Ted Lambert (I) 322

Register of Deeds

R-Rosalee Sprick (I) 1,312

D-Johnna Lambert 765

all precincts reporting

Russell County

Commissioner District 3

R-Cathy Boxberger 385

D-Bradley C. Zweifel 620

Special question

Shall Charles "Chuck" Pyle be recalled from the office of Luray mayor?

Yes 42

No 65

all precincts reporting

Sherman County

Commissioner District 3

R-Larry Witt 204

D-Steven Evert 453


R-Burton Pianalto 1,572

WI-Kevin Butts (I) 958

all precincts reporting

Smith County

Commissioner District 2

R-Dale Pickel 521

D-James Tharp 148

WI-Joe Kingsbury (I) 215

Commissioner District 3

R-Denise Sasse 351

I-Arthur Kuhlmann (I) 232

all precincts reporting

Thomas County


R-Rod Taylor (I) 2,067

D-David Rodriguez 1,246

all precincts reporting

Trego County

Commissioner District 2

R-Wesley Hobbs 314

I-Lanny Fabrizius 154

WI-Kendall Ottley (I) 93

Commissioner District 3

I-Lynelle E. Shubert 221

D-Dean Papes (I) 235


R-Travis W. Stein 535

D-Richard Hanks 992

all precincts reporting

Kansas Senate

24th District

R-Tom Arpke 11,180

D-Janice Norlin 9,499

53 of 70 precincts reporting

35th District

L-Jesse Bryant 1,601

R-Jay Scott Emler 6,262

54 of 151 precincts reporting

36th District

R-Elaine Bowers 23,393

D-Marquis Clark 4,943

268 of 291 precincts reporting

40th District

R-Ralph Ostmeyer 21,666

D-Allen Clark Schmidt 11,311

154 of 224 precincts reporting

Kansas House

110th District

R-Travis Couture-Lovelady 7,528

D-Philip H. Martin 2,472

67 of 69 precincts reporting

111th District

R-Sue E. Boldra 5,763

D-Eber E. Phelps 4,929

23 of 25 precincts reporting


R-Mitt Romney 671,154

D-Barack Obama 425,383 L-Gary Johnson 19,706

RP-Chuck Baldwin 4,675

3,513 of 3,565 precincts reporting

U.S. House District 2

R-Lynn Jenkins 157,450

D-Tobias Schlingensiepen 108,936

L-Dennis Hawver 11,730

924 of 935 precincts reporting

U.S. House District 3

R-Kevin Yoder 197,266

L-Joel Balam 90,388

all precincts reporting

U.S. House District 4

R-Mike Pompeo 155,893

D-Robert Tillman 78,799

L-Thomas Jefferson 15,383

650 of 669 precincts reporting