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Artist crafts his way to cover shot




He has read the magazine since he was a child.

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He has read the magazine since he was a child.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think one of his creations would make the cover.

But make the cover, he did. Dustin Poche, Russell, made the cover of Art Doll Quarterly. The publication said on its website it is dedicated to art dolls and sculptural figures made from cloth, polymer clay, wire armatures and other materials.

Poche entered his creation, Miss Havisham from Great Expectations, into a contest for bride dolls for the summer 2013 issue of the publication. The magazine liked his doll so much, Poche, who never had made a bride doll, had his creation selected for a cover story.

"It was really big for me," Poche said. "I was ecstatic."

The magazine is available at Hastings Books, Music & Video, 3300 Vine.

"The magazine article is a little about me and a lot about how I sculpted her, how she was painted, fabric, stuff like that," Poche said.

Poche, 35, said he was tempted to sell the doll but has decided to keep his creation.

"She's my first published piece, I think I'm going to keep her," he said. "I did toil over it, because I'm a starving artist. But she is a very important piece and a really big stepping stone in my career, so I'm going to keep her."

There will be a reception in Poche's honor June 8 at Deines Cultural Center in Russell.

"It's like the Vogue of the doll world," he said. "It's a really big deal for me to be on the cover of this national magazine."

Poche, born and raised in Russell, spent 10 years as a costume designer and doing window displays in New York before moving home six years ago to work on his doll creations.

"I want to have a show in New York," he said.

He is doing what he always wanted.

"That's the dream, to be able to support myself with my work," he said. "I don't have to be rich. I just want to keep creating the pieces. I love it so much."