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Schmidt files for 40th District Senate seat


State Sen. Allen C. Schmidt, D-Hays, today filed for a second term to the Kansas Senate. Schmidt was elected to the 36th District mid-term following the retirement of former 36th District Sen. Janis Lee, who was appointed to the Kansas Board of Tax Appeals. After the Federal Court realigned all senate districts, Schmidt lost nine of his 10 counties and was moved with Ellis County into the 40th District.

“This represents a huge challenge, but the job is not finished and neither is my service to rural Kansas. Representing rural Kansas is a responsibility I take as conscientiously as I did my senior leader duties in the Army. It has been a privilege to represent the needs and values of rural Kansas these past two years and that responsibility has required firmly standing up to keep our rural representation against efforts to take away yet another rural western district because of population shifts," Schmidt said ."In my service to rural Kansans, I will continue to focus on supporting quality education in our rural communities, growing our rural economy, working toward housing solutions, and improving services for seniors and disabled Kansans."

For more, see Tuesday's Hays Daily News.