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Sexologists lay bare the facts at FHSU sex ed boot camp





The stage in Fort Hays State University's Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center was declared a safe zone Wednesday -- and the goal for the night was for the audience to become "erotically enlightened."

Sex Ed Boot Camp, presented by sexologists Joni Frater and Esther Lastique, focused on exploring sexuality safely and when ready.

The presentation, sponsored by Student Health Services, was no ordinary sex education. The duo warned students of the candid and graphic pictures of male and female anatomy that would be on the big screen.

Lastique described it as a "sexual map quest," adding "you'll never get lost in the dark again."

Frater and Lastique also warned students about the "in-your-face" nature of the discussion.

"This is probably, for some people, the first adult-to-adult conversation about sex and sexuality they may have had that is really honest, up front, and it's going to be a little blunt because we really don't have time to hold hands, be really sweet and sing Kumbaya," Frater said.

Frater and Lastique hit a variety of points that included the importance of getting tested for STDs, what to do if prevention fails, the effects of alcohol and more.

The duo's main focus was safe sex, if one chooses to have sex.

"If you're preventing STDs, you're preventing everything else you don't want to happen," Frater said as she moved her arms like she was cradling a baby. In addition to the education, Frater and Lastique presented the facts and topic of sex in a different mannerism that had audience members laughing.

"It wasn't the sex ed I was expecting," said Nathan Linier, a freshman in computer science. "It was more, and really raunchy."

Meagan Wilson, a junior in elementary education, appreciated the candid nature of the presentation.

"It was very up-front and blunt," Wilson said.

Some bits of information, mostly those pertaining to STDs, had students shifting uncomfortably in their seats.

Linier said the presentation did a good job of "making you think of the risks."

STDs are "just looking for a warm host," and the excuse "it doesn't feel the same," Lastique said, is no reason to skip preventative measures.

"Guess what, it doesn't," Lastique said. "Guess what, when you start seeing the STD numbers we start to talk about, wearing a condom is whole lot more comfortable than an STD and a whole lot cheaper than a baby."

Frater and Lastique engaged with the audience by asking questions and tossing grenade stress balls to the packed audience when hearing a response they liked from the students.

Tina Scott, director of Student Health Center, said Beach/Schmidt exceeded its 1,000-person capacity for the presentation.

"We had people sit on the floor and standing in the back," she said.

Scott said she hopes students took away a few key factors from the event.

She said she hopes if students explore their sexuality, they will stay safe and healthy -- and equipped with information they need to make wiser decisions and choices.

Scott also said there will be free STD testing Tuesday and Wednesday at the center.

Frater and Lastique recommended getting tested every six months or when changing sex partners.