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USD 489 board votes to serve up higher lunch prices




Hays USD 489 students, staff and guests will pay more for lunches in the 2012-13 school year.

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Hays USD 489 students, staff and guests will pay more for lunches in the 2012-13 school year.

The board of education voted Monday night to raise student prices by a dime. Adult prices also will increase, but that price won't be determined yet. It has to equal an amount set by the federal reimbursement, and that isn't known.

Students in elementary school will pay $2.30, middle school students will pay $2.40, and high school students will be charged $2.50. Breakfast prices won't change.

According to Shiela Brening, nutrition services director, food costs are expected to increase 2.5 percent to 3 percent. High fuel costs continue to affect prices, and meal regulation changes require serving more fresh fruit and vegetables, which increase costs somewhat, Deputy Superintendent Richard Cain said.

The board also voted 6-1 to retain membership in the Kansas Association of School Boards and the legal assistance fund.

Membership dues cost $10,795, and the legal fund fee is $1,400.

Board member Greg Schwartz voted against it, saying he thinks the legal portion is beneficial but he's "not so sure about the other and I don't think you can do one without the other."

Annual enrollment projections, which administrators use to build the budget, also were on the agenda.

The projections show elementary classes continue to be the largest, creating space issues.

"We'll have space issues everywhere in the district in 2016-17," Cain said.

The kindergarten numbers are based on births in Ellis County. From those, administrators can project how many are going to show up in kindergarten.

"We've been pretty accurate," he said.

In other business, the board:

* Directed administrators to get proposals from local auction companies to sell the property known as Shively Field on 12th Street.

* Accepted resignations from Angie Kippes, Roosevelt teacher; Amber Stevens, KVC special-education teacher; Brooke Dinkel, Felten teacher; Allen Rohr and Ted Nowak, bus drivers; Vilma Vasquez, Early Childhood Connections teacher/family assistant; Danielle Guffey, Roosevelt assistant cook; Sara Doyle and Jessica Lang, special-ed para; Karen Funk, Felten special-ed para; Brittany Baldwin, Lincoln special-ed para/breakfast supervisor and Learning Center childcare assistant; Vali L. Leis and Jeanne Hayman, Holy Family special-ed para.

* Approved non-renewal of work agreement for Nancy Sundgren, Wilson ELL para, and Curtis Caldwell, transportation department.

* Accepted retirements from Carolyn Nichols, Lincoln teacher, and Randy Goodale, Hays High.

* Approved maternity leave for Sarah Mackey, Washington teacher.

* Approved provisional employment for Katie Mans, teacher assistant; Emily Christians, Shelby Gottschalk, Deaira Pfortmiller, Jessica Anderson, Joseph Dohrmann, Wilson after-school care assistants; and Allison Schley, Hays High School assistant cheer coach.