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Residents rally support for Shockers





There are Jayhawk fans and there are Wildcat fans. But on Saturday, there was a chance for Kansans far and wide to be Shockers fans.

The Wichita State University men's basketball team played Louisville in the Final Four in Atlanta Saturday night. It was the Shockers first visit to the Final Four since 1965.

To show their love for the Shox -- either as a lifelong fan or just getting on board this past week -- Hays residents could buy Wichita State University T-shirts at both Dillons locations and at Walgreens

"I would just say they're (selling) well, people are supporting them," said Don Koerner, store manager at Dillons located at 1902 Vine.

The store got in a third shipment of T-shirts Saturday. The selection included a black shirt that said "Fear the Wheat" and had the Shockers mascot. Koerner said he likes Kansas and Kansas State, and Fort Hays State University, too.

"I go for all of them," he said. "My kids are just die-hard K-State fans. I like KU football and basketball, I've always kind of cheered for them. I cheer for K-State, go to a couple games every year."

This weekend, it's "go WSU."

"I can't say I've been a big Wichita State fan, but I am now," Koerner said. "I'm pulling for them; they're from Kansas."