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Norton-area bridge job is complete


The U.S. 36 bridge replacement project located east of Norton is complete. The job just east of the intersection of U.S. Highway 36 and Kansas Highway 67 (the roadway into the Norton Correctional Facility) began March 12. Workers replaced one-half of the structure at a time.

Although bridge work has ceased, off-the-roadway work still continues. Contractors are working to widen the shoulders and flatten the side slopes along that portion of the corridor.

Crews already have completed work to extend the drainage structures along U.S. 36 from the east city limits of Norton to the U.S. 36/K-383 Junction.

The timeline to repave the 4.5 miles of roadway this fall has changed.

For more information, contact Jim Riener at (785) 543-2163 or jriener@ksdot.org in Phillipsburg; or Kristen Brands, Northwest Kansas Public Affairs manager, at (785) 877-3315 or kristenb@ksdot.org in Norton.