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Dog park on city work session agenda





Hays city commissioners will discuss Thursday a request by Friends of the Hays Dog Park to proceed with plans for Phase 1 of a dog park. The work session is at 6:30 p.m. at city hall.

The group has raised sufficient funds necessary for Phase 1, which would be an area adjacent to the northeast quadrant of Bickle/Schmidt Sports Complex.

Phase 1 was estimated to cost $33,000, but after the bidding process the cost instead will be $24,000.

"Phase 1 consists of 1.5 acres, including parking, fencing, amenities for both humans as well as dogs, and sidewalks as well," Assistant City Manager Paul Briseno said.

Phase 2 will consist of 5 acres, and the cost estimate for that portion of the park is approximately $42,000, Briseno said.

"I know that they also are currently raising additional funds for Phase 2," Briseno said. "They're well under way with those savings (from Phase 1)."

Once Phase 2 is completed, larger dogs will be in the 5-acre part of the part, and smaller dogs will be in the 1.5-acre part. Until then, all sizes of dogs will be together at the park. Briseno said it would be hard to put a timeline on when Phase 1 construction would be completed, but hoped it would be by spring.