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Public Record, July 9, 2013


Hays Police Dept.

Hays Police Dept.


Nine animal calls

13 traffic stops

Criminal transport, Larned

Intoxicated subject, 1300 block East 13th

Fireworks violation, 4600 block Jefferson

Driving under the influence, 400 block East Seventh

Disturbance/noise, 400 block West Seventh

Water use violation, 1200 block East 27th

Water use violation, 1000 block East 27th

Obstruction of legal process, 400 block West Eighth

Water use violation, 1000 block East 29th

Abandoned vehicle, 400 block West Eighth

Abandoned vehicle, 1600 block East 28th

Abandoned vehicle, 2500 block Indian Trail

Theft, 500 block Mission Mount

Suspicious activity, 500 block Mission Mount

Water use violation, 2200 block Vine

Motor vehicle accident, 1200 block Vine

Theft, general, 300 block West 48th

Water use violation, 2700 block Thunderbird

Motor vehicle accident/private property/hit and run, 1900 block Vine

Suspicious activity, 500 block West 37th

Driving under the influence, 400 block East Eighth

Probation/parole violation, 1000 block East Eighth

Driving under the influence, 1200 block Vine

Battery on law enforcement official, 100 block West 12th


10 animal calls

27 traffic stops

Criminal damage to property, 1400 block East 29th

Probation/parole violation, 100 block West Seventh

Criminal trespass, 200 block West Sixth

Domestic disturbance, 100 block West 15th

Water use violation, 1300 block Marshall Road

Civil dispute, 1000 block West 28th

Abandoned vehicle, 1100 block Pine

Suspicious activity, 500 block West 15th

Motor vehicle accident/private property, 700 block East Eighth

Disorderly conduct, 3600 block Vine

Welfare check, 1400 block East 29th

Theft, 500 block West 20th

Suspicious vehicle, Vine

Criminal damage to property, 2900 block Roosevelt

Mental health call, 100 block West Fourth

Driving while suspended/revoked, 800 block East Sixth


Six animal calls

33 traffic stops

Underage possession of alcohol, 600 block Elm

Criminal damage to property, 400 block West Fifth

Harassment, 2400 block Virginia

Suicidal subject, 200 block West 10th

Drug offenses/driving under the influence, 1600 block Walnut

Driving while suspended/revoked, 2000 block Vine

Driving under the influence, 200 block East Sixth

Water use violation, 1700 block Douglas

Water use violation, 400 East 14th

Water use violation, 2900 block Grant Ave

Water use violation, 1500 block East 27th

Abandoned vehicle, 1700 block Haney

Water use violation, 2200 block Felten

Abandoned vehicle, 1700 block Haney

Water use violation, 2200 block Felten

Criminal damage to property, 2200 block Ash

Ellis County Sheriff


Assist, Hays

Transport, Ellis


Criminal trespass, 4800 block U.S. Highway 183


Motor vehicle accident/private property, Ellis

Civil dispute, Munjor