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Public Record, Aug. 28, 2013





Four white domestic shorthair kittens, 1300 block Agnes

One tortoiseshell kitten, 1300 block Agnes

One gray/white domestic long-haired cat, 1300 block Agnes

One gray striped domestic short-hair cat, 2500 block Virginia

Hays Police Dept.


Three animal calls

Eight traffic stops

Abandoned vehicle, 1300 block Donald

Water use violation, 1300 block Canterbury

Water use violation, 1100 block East 22nd

Water use violation, 2300 block Donald

Water use violation, 2200 block Centennial Boulevard

Abandoned vehicle, 32nd and Hillcrest

Mental health call, 1700 block Sunset Trail

Water use violation, 200 block West 33rd

Motor vehicle accident/hit and run, 300 block East 14th

Civil transport, 2200 block Canterbury

Civil dispute, 300 block East 22nd

Motor vehicle accident, 3200 block Vine

Identity theft, 1300 block Canterbury

Shoplifting, 1400 block Hall

Theft, 2700 block Broadway

Abandoned vehicle, 300 block West Ninth

Ellis County Sheriff


Fire, 2400 block Saline River Road

Criminal transport, Dodge City

Cattle out, 2100 block Vineyard

Disorderly conduct, 100 block Village Road

Stray livestock, 1500 block Reservation Road

Vehicle/deer accident, Ellis County

Warrant service/failure to appear, 1500 block West 27th