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Public Record, Oct. 29, 2013


Ellis County Sheriff

Ellis County Sheriff


Criminal transport, Ellsworth

Cattle out, 2900 block Yocemento Avenue

Criminal transport, WaKeeney

Motor vehicle accident/personal injury, 800 block Canterbury

Motor vehicle accident, Victoria


Drug offenses, Hays

Criminal transport, WaKeeney

Warrant service, 100 block West 12th

Transport, Ellis

Criminal transport, WaKeeney

Warrant service/failure to report, 2000 block East Eighth


Theft, 2600 block East Ninth

Driving under the influence, 1200 block 210th Avenue

Civil transport, 250th Avenue and Norfolk Road

Civil transport, Ellis/Russell county line to Trego County


Transport, 2200 block Canterbury

Domestic disturbance, 2300 block 260th Avenue

Civil transport, Walker

Miscellanous investigation, 2300 block Schoenchen Road

Motor vehicle accident with deer, 1100 block Highway 40

Theft, 2300 block East Seventh

Buglary/vehicle, 1700 block Emmeram Road

Miscellaneous investigation, 400 block East Seventh

Hays Police Dept.


Three animal calls

11 traffic stops

Assist, 200 block East Seventh

Motor vehicle accident/drug offenses, 2900 block Willow

Driving under the influence, 100 block West Seventh

Motor vehicle accident, 1900 block Allen

Drug offenses, 700 block Allen

Motor vehicle accident, 2700 block Sternberg

Motor vehicle accident, 200 block East Eighth

Probation/parole violation, 1000 block Fort

Motor vehicle accident, city street/alley, 22nd and General Custer

Shoplifting, 4300 block Vine

Driving while suspended/revoked, 1200 block Vine

Abandoned vehicle, 3400 block Country Lane

Motor vehicle accident, 13th and Canterbury

Disturbance, noise, 200 block East 17th

Welfare check, 2500 block Sherman Avenue

Motor vehicle accident, 2700 block Vine


Four animal calls

25 traffic stops

Drug offenses/driving under the influence, 800 block Ash

Driving under the influence, 100 block West 10th

Obstruction of legal process, 500 block West Seventh

Abandoned vehicle, 100 block West 18th

Unwanted person, 2500 block General Lawton

Abandoned vehicle, 500 block West 20th

Criminal damage to property, 200 block West Seventh

Credit card violations, 1400 block West 46th

Criminal damage to property, 700 block Main

Motor vehicle accident/private property, 2900 block Broadway

Suspicious activity, 600 block East 13th


Nine animal calls

Five traffic stops

Driving under the influence, 12th and Hall

Disorderly conduct, 200 block West Seventh

Disorderly conduct, 200 block West 10th

Disturbance/fight, 2700 block Epworth

Create public nuisance, 300 block West Seventh

Criminal damage to property, 200 block Ash

Criminal damage to property, 200 block Ash

Criminal damage to property, 300 block Ash

Suspicious activity, 1500 block Elm

Welfare check, 300 block West Ninth

Welfare check, 200 block West Sixth

Domestic disturbance, 500 block Ash