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Questions answered by county administrator





Questions raised by Ellis County resident Martha McClelland at Monday's Ellis County Commission public hearing, although not answered by commissioners during the hearing, have elicited a response from County Administrator Greg Sund.

Timing of the hearing to obtain public comment regarding Ellis County's disposal of county property at 22nd and Vine and purchase of the Commerce Bank building, was among McClelland's questions. She asked commissioners why the hearing was scheduled after the building had come down.

In response, Sund said the public hearing was a title requirement placed on the county by Field Abstract prior to closing. An agreement to purchase the Commerce Bank was signed by commissioners in September 2011, followed by an intent to purchase on June 13.

"Leading up to that time, the commission discussed the issue in executive session on request of the bank, while the possible purchase was being negotiated," Sund's written reply said. "Once the letter of intent was signed, the plan to purchase the Commerce Bank property was a very open process with ample opportunity for the public to comment."

Sund's answers to McClelland's other questions, which include, but are not limited to: cost estimates for purchasing and remodeling the Commerce Bank property, costs of demolition of the county property at 22nd and Vine Street, and whether a permit was obtained to demolish the county building, are available online at HDNews.net in PDF format.