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Cruising NWKS: July, August full of county fairs, events in NWKS


Seven counties and 1,441 miles down, so many more to go. The first month of Cruising NWKS has been filled with great people, good food, interesting traditions and lots of good stories.

Unfortunately, the last two weekends in June don't have much going on in northwest Kansas --  probably due to wheat harvest usually falling during this time. So, for one week, Cruising NWKS will take a vacation.

But never fear, I'll be back with a vengeance after the Fourth of July. No breaks from here on out because July and August are shaping up to be busy months, with county fairs, more rodeos and some events that just can't be duplicated anywhere else.

The next few weeks include the Downs Celebration, McCracken Rodeo, Pickin' on the Plains and the Czech Festival. When you're celebrating hometown heroes, music, heritage and a way of life, these events can't be matched.

My favorite part of this cruise so far has been hearing your stories. Yes, there are cars to look at, rodeos to watch and children doing cute things, but hearing why you patronize these small town festivals is why I'm on the road this summer.

My least favorite part of this cruise has been the weather. I mean, come on, how many days of 30 or 40 mph winds can a girl really take? But it's Kansas, and you know what they say.

So if you haven't joined me on the cruise so far, you have plenty of opportunities to do so in July and August. And if I haven't visited your area yet, just wait, I can promise you're on my list. Because after all, I have 13 counties, thousands of miles and dozens of stories to go.