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Cruising NWKS: Exchange gives leaders a new look at 4-H


La CROSSE -- Rush County 4-H has been in an exchange the past two years with Ashland County, Ohio.

The exchange allows 4-H'ers in their respective counties to experience life and 4-H in the other. Rush County junior leaders traveled to Ohio last year, while the Ohio group spent time in Rush County earlier this summer.

"(We) see how the other ones live, what they do in 4-H and how the 4-H program works down there," said Eleanor Cornwell, president of Rush County 4-H's junior leaders program.

Cornwell joked they saw "corn, and corn, and more corn" while in Ohio, and the Ashland County 4-H'ers experienced heat like they'd never seen before on their trip to Kansas.

In Ohio, the group spent time with 4-H families and toured Amish country. In Kansas, the group toured the helium plant in Otis, the Kansas Cosmospehere in Hutchinson, Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays and spent time with families in Rush County.

"They have a travel club just for doing exchanges ... which was kind of interesting because here, it's just altogether," Cornwell said. "It was fun."

Fundraisers help the junior leaders pay for the exchange program, which has been a staple of Rush County 4-H for many years, with Cornwell's three older siblings also participating in years past.