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Midwest Energy warns of email scam


Several Midwest Energy customers have reported an email scam, where an email with the subject line "Energy Statement" arrives in their inbox. Though the body of the email reads "PG&E Energy Statement," the letters PG&E are difficult to read.

The statement shows a large account balance and urges the reader to "click here" to see their most recent statement. But the link takes the user to a page set up to install a variant of the Kuluoz malware, a Trojan that's designed to download additional threats onto infected computers, and opens their computer to other Malware.

Pacific Gas and Electric, which serves customers in California, has alerted its customers to the scam on its webpage; however, it has spread to computers nationwide from the e-mail contacts list in infected computers.

"We urge anyone who gets an email like this to delete it, without opening any links or attachments," said Michael Sadeghi, Midwest Energy's director of customer service. "If you ever receive a call or email from someone claiming to represent Midwest Energy, feel free to call us at (800) 222-3121 to verify the person's identity."