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FHSU offers its students 'TV Everywhere'





It's official move-in day today at Fort Hays State University. And this year, students will have the chance to watch television all across campus.

As part of a new five-year partnership with Eagle Communications, FHSU is offering "TV Everywhere," a technology that allows students and faculty to watch certain channels outside the residence halls.

Eagle and FHSU are calling the technology a way of bringing "the comforts of home to the FHSU residence halls and other on-campus buildings."

FHSU students already receive access to 120-plus television and music channels in their dorm rooms and high definition channels with a digital TV -- all without a separate set-top box.

Students also have the ability to enhance that television programming with expanded digital television channels, commercial-free music channels and digital video recorders ­-- all services that many students are used to having at home.

TV Everywhere is a mobile computer application that can be downloaded onto a computer, tablet or smartphone to watch certain channels anywhere on campus.

Those available at this time are for Fox News, Fox Business and NBC Olympics.

"This is a service in its early phases," said Travis Kohlrus, general manager of Eagle Communications. "There is a limited selection of channels now, but that's going to be growing over time. The goal is to have the most popular channels by next school year."

The price tag for Eagle's bulk agreement with FHSU, which has about 1,000 units on campus, is $3,900 a month.

Premium channel services can be added by students by a per-month subscription basis.