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Eagle announces partnership with FHSU


By The Hays Daily News

By The Hays Daily News

Eagle Communications and Fort Hays State University announced Wednesday a five-year partnership that will bring advanced television and video services to the FHSU campus.

This partnership brings the comforts of home to the FHSU residence halls and other on-campus buildings. FHSU on-campus students receive access to 120-plus television and music channels in their dorm rooms and high definition channels with a digital TV -- all without a separate set-top box.

Students also have the ability to enhance that television programming with expanded digital television channels, commercial-free music channels and digital video recorders -- all services many students are used to having at home.

Along with enhanced video delivery in the residence halls and in various classrooms on campus, Eagle is providing video hot spots in Forsyth Library and Memorial Union.

"Eagle's stable video-delivery platform allows us to implement cutting-edge video delivery to the university without a major infrastructure upgrade to the university's existing wiring," said Gary Shorman, Eagle Communications CEO. "FHSU students will be able to enjoy advanced television as soon as they move into the dorms this fall, and faculty will be able to utilize our video services in a variety of classrooms across campus."

Shorman said FHSU President Edward H. Hammond "challenged us to provide an on-campus video solution to the university that was flexible and solid, yet capable of offering advanced video services in a seamless fashion to the students."

"With classes scheduled to start in less than two weeks, we are happy to join with Eagle in announcing this enhanced television service," Hammond said.

SDLqThis will provide an even better living experience in our residence halls and educational enhancement in the classrooms. Eagle's innovative package also meets the demands of our students, faculty and staff for better mobile access to digital information."