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June brings more heat, continued drought





No surprise, June was a hot and relatively dry month in Hays. Ditto for both Colby, Goodland and Hill City.

But it was a far cry from conditions last year.

Rainfall in Hays in June amounted to 2.73 inches, according to the Kansas State University Agricultural Research Center. While that's 0.69 of an inch below normal, last year's rainfall deficit nearly equaled what was received this year.

Just 0.85 of an inch of rain fell in June 2012.

Coincidentally, rainfall so far this year is 0.02 of an inch less than what was received at the same time last year.

Rainfall in Colby didn't fare much better, with 2.33 inches reported at the Northwest Research-Extension Service. Normal rainfall, since 1893, is 3.06 inches.

Hill City picked up 2.68 inches, slightly below normal. Goodland's total for the month stood at 3.04 inches, nearly a quarter of an inch below normal.

Warm temperatures accompanied the less-than-normal rainfall totals.

In Goodland, the mean temperature was 72.3 degrees -- 2.6 degrees above normal. The high there hit 107.

Hill City had a mean temperature of 76.1 degrees -- 3.2 degrees more than normal.

There, the high hit 111 on June 11. It didn't break the old record of 115, however, set last year in a hot spell that put Hill City as the warmest spot in the nation.

Colby had a high of 108, set June 18.

Hays had a high of 110 on June 27, but that didn't break the 2012 high of 114.

A high of 106 on June 11, however, tied the previous record set in 1953.

June's mean temperature stood at 76.4 degrees, 3.1 degrees higher than normal.

The average high temperature in June stood at 91 degrees, nearly 5 degrees more than normal.

Ironically, even with a high of 110, temperatures started out cool with a low of 42 degrees early in the month.