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FHSU students soon to no longer live at Motel 6



Hays Daily News

Things are looking up for Fort Hays State University students staying at Motel 6 in Hays.

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Hays Daily News

Things are looking up for Fort Hays State University students staying at Motel 6 in Hays.

On Aug. 22, 97 students were staying at the hotel due to lack of student housing on campus.

That number now is 38, along with two residential advisers.

Shana Meyer, assistant vice president for student affairs at FHSU, said the number "will be at zero by the beginning of the spring semester."

Fort Hays decided to house students at Motel 6 after a meeting between local hotels in which Motel 6 had the most favorable proposal for the university.

Patrick Brennan a junior at FHSU majoring in biology while playing soccer, had some struggles staying at the motel but also had high hopes.

"It was pretty difficult making it to things on time," Brennan said about classes and practices. "That, along with things being tight in the money situation and the time fluctuation of the shuttles, (those students) staying here had a harder time.

"On the positive, this is a more chill and relaxed environment. But on the downside, it was tough to meet new people and just tough on everything, to be honest. To be able to travel and get places on time was the biggest hassle, especially with early classes."

Despite living far from campus, students were aided in transportation by FHSU shuttles, along with free parking passes. There also were no changes in housing costs to those students.

"The primary difference is being off campus and it being an outdoor building, as well as the difficulty of getting everyone rounded up for meetings and things," said Lora Bruce, one of the residential advisers at Motel 6.

Bruce, a junior at FHSU. is a dual major in organizational leadership and art.

"Having been an R.A. at the college, staying at the motel was less convenient," she said. "But the school provided shuttles so students didn't have to worry about gas, and I don't think there is a vast difference other than the distance getting back and forth. We had to plan ahead a little more than usual."

Projections show enough room for students, but if numbers increase for next semester, the school's contract with Motel 6 continues until the end of the school year so accommodations will be available to all students who seek it.

"We don't know yet," Brennan said on leaving at semester. "We're hoping on it, though."