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Family enjoys parade fun, times 2





Everybody loves a parade, right? Well, maybe not everybody.

But a lot of folks in Hays sure must.

Despite hints of another hot day in the city, people lined Main Street for Saturday morning's Wild West Festival parade that began at 15th Street and traveled south to Fourth Street.

Even those working were enthusiastic.

"I love helping at parades," said Joy Smith, who was helping line up entries in the parking lot just north of The Meckenstock Group, Inc.

Two of the parade watchers in that area were young Hays residents attending their first WWF parade with their parents.

David and Deandrea Krien from Hays were busy keeping tabs on their nearly 15-month-old twin daughters, Harper and Josie, who attracted a lot of attention from passers-by in their matching white sundresses.

"You know your dad's a celebrity?" Joy's husband, Mike, said to Harper as he drove up in a golf cart at the end of the parade.

Mike Smith was referring to Krien's success as a race bus driver at the RPM Speedway at the Ellis County Fairgrounds, where Krien is undefeated so far this season.

"Oh, I should have brought my bus," Krien commented to his wife when he noticed a school bus in the parade.

But then, he wouldn't have gotten to interact with his daughters at their first Wild West Fest parade.

That's something he surely wouldn't have wanted to miss, just like everything else in their lives since April 12, 2011, the twins' birth date.

"People say all the time that they can't imagine what it's like with two (babies-now-turned-toddlers)," David Krien said. "I can't imagine what it would be like with just one."