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Bouker: Sodomy case needs to be heard





District Judge Ed Bouker's patience is wearing thin in the oft-delayed case pending against a Hays teenager awaiting trial on a felony charge of criminal sodomy.

"This will be the last continuance of arraignment," Bouker told Tre Carrasco's court-appointed attorney, Olavee Raub. She is the fourth attorney named to represent the 17-year-old.

Carrasco, who is facing trial as an adult, is charged in connection with a July 1, 2011, assault on a Hays woman, as well as two burglaries at the same Hays residence.

A new arraignment date was set for Dec. 10. He's been held in jail since his arrest in July 2011.

Raub sought the continuance Wednesday in Ellis County District Court after renewing a request for DNA evidence and seeking additional information in the case.

Bouker said arraignment still hasn't taken place even though it's been more than a year after Carrasco's preliminary hearing was waived.

"I warned Mr. Carrasco that we're coming to the point where this is getting totally out of hand," Bouker said.

Raub, however, was appointed only a month ago to the case.

"This matter needs to go to arraignment," Bouker said. "It needs to be tried."