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City revenues up in June


City of Hays revenues increased in June due, in part, to increased water consumption, consumer spending and delinquent ad valorem taxes.

Month-to-date water and conservation revenue increased sharply from June 2011, up $92,000 or 41.6 percent. Year-to-date water consumption for residential and business is up 8.4 percent, with a year-to-date increase in water revenue of 9.08 percent.

General fund sales tax collections continued an upward trend in June, with month-to-date general sales tax collections up $34,851, or 6.08 percent. June's total for sales tax collection was $608,325.

Year-to-date general fund sales tax collections are up $197,556 or 5.79 percent.

In addition, delinquent ad valorem taxes were up $73,238 over last June.