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Service and scholarship honors handed out at TMP


Other senior awards in addition to the Thomas More Medal of Excellence at Thomas More Prep-Marian High School's graduation ceremonies were for service, which went to Austin Werth, and the presidential medal for scholarship, which was won by Brett Chrisler with his 97.67 percentage over four years.

Three similar awards as those given to seniors also are given to underclassmen at graduation. Some students might have been eligible for more than one award but received only the highest one. For instance, Grace Volker finished with the highest percentage in the freshman class (99.64) but also won top honors for the leadership award, a higher ranking honor. So the scholastic award for the ninth-graders went to Kelli Veach, who wasn't far behind with a 98.64 percentage.

The complete list of those winners for the underclassmen of 2011-12 is:

Leadership -- Ross Werth, jr.; Jena Ernsting, soph.; Grace Volker, fresh.

Service -- Adam Urban, jr.; Grant Rome, soph.; Matea Gregg, fresh.

Scholastic-- Allison Pfeifer, jr., 100.0; Ryan Hammerschmidt, soph., 99.70; Kelli Veach, fresh., 98.64.