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Wilson school cooks serve up smiles





They say they're just doing their job. But it sure is nice to be appreciated, too.

That was the consensus among Amy Jensen, Sally Klausmeyer and Lilly Gu during lunchtime Wednesday at Wilson Elementary School.

It was business as usual for the three cooks as they served the 400-some students their lunch. But the children knew it was a special day, which had been designated as Wilson Cooks Day since the beginning of the school year.

Small posters were taped to the brick wall on the south side of the gym that also serves as the school cafeteria.

One read "Queen for a Day." Others said "Our lunch ladies are just peachy" and "You're one in a melon." Still another called the cooks "sandwich artists."

"I'm so thankful they recognize our hard work," Klausmeyer said. "The first-graders even did a cheer for us."

Wilson sets aside certain days throughout the year to recognize its custodians, cooks, school nurse, secretaries and para educators.

The cooks joked they thought Principal Tom Meagher specified this date as a special day for the cooks to deflect attention from himself because Wednesday actually was national boss' day.

Coincidentally, the Wilson cooks' boss -- Jessica Calhoun, nutritional services director for Hays USD 489 -- was visiting their school Wednesday.

She didn't want any special attention for boss' day, either.

"Seeing all the wonderful things they say about the cooks is good enough for me," Calhoun said.

Jensen smiled while cutting up bananas and talking about Meagher's choice for cooks day.

"I still think he took boss' day off (the calendar)," she said, adding that didn't mean he would be forgotten.

"We're (celebrating) it tomorrow," Jensen said of boss' day.