Two years have passed since Mr. John Befort was killed minding his own business like he had done so many times before. Holliann Stramel and Smiling Trevor Calvin never should have been in the country that evening. Now we come to a judge, lawyer and Mr. Trembley. Neither the judge could not think off hand what to do, he only had two years. The lawyer just hates to see hard cases come into the county, and Mr. Trembley, well he will listen to whatever turns his crank. This whole setup stinks to high heaven, and two jerks got off with people who did not know what to do.

I knew Mr. Braun’s father, Leland, and mother rather well, and Mr. Lawyer Braun would not have liked what his son had done to a local family from Ellis County — even though the Brauns come from Victoria. Drees, Kerns, the judge, all they want to do is to clear the docket so at month’s end it will look like we have done something wonderful. Wimpy, wimpy.

Marilyn Befort-Billinger and her sister-in-law addressed the court, but all fell on deaf ears. It was a good thing Pete Befort found his brother or John may still be out there. These two so-called grown-ups who were trying to play house did not even understand the word grown-up. This sentence will teach these two nothing. Just look at them in the court trial or in The Hays Daily News. Every right that these two individuals thought they may have had went right out on the front fender of the truck that night. Both are murderers, and that will never change by this crumby sentence that they received from the court. They will sit in their houses and laugh at what they got away with. No plea agreements in a case like this — only prison. And they still won’t learn right from wrong.

Our judges and lawyers should have known a hell of a lot better than they let on. This deal is wrong — wrong. Remember at election time — out, out. What goes around comes around, then you all will know the meaning of life.

Don J. Waldschmidt,