PLAINVILLE — Those who like card games with an odd twist have the opportunity Saturday to test play a new game from the creator of one of the most popular Kickstarter projects ever.

Nathan Grebowiec, Plainville, a self-avowed game geek, and his daughters Kaydence, 11, and Avery, 8, submitted a video explaining why they should host a test-playing session of the forthcoming game “Bears vs. Babies.” The game is from the creators of “Exploding Kittens,” the most-backed Kickstarter campaign in the crowd-funding site’s history. It raised more than $8 million from approximately 219,400 people, who received copies of the game in exchange for their contributions to the game’s startup funds.

A similar campaign started in October for “Bears vs. Babies,” and Grebowiec was quick to jump in, he said.

The object of “Bears vs. Babies” is to use the cards to build monsters — such as a shark in business attire who can run at the speed of light and has chainsaws for arms — to eat an army of babies that includes Baby Torpedo, Bumble Baby and Scary Hairbaby. The game is described as suitable for ages 10 and older.

In January, the game’s creators sent an email to its Kickstarter contributors calling for people to host test sessions of the game. A 60-second video was required to enter the contest.

Kaydence and Avery were enthusiastic about entering the contest, so Grebowiec encouraged them to come up with a video script.

“They came up with something they thought would work well. We tweaked it a smidge and the next day, we went out and shot it,” Grebowiec said.

In the video, Grebowiec and his daughters are sitting at a card table near the frozen Plainville Township Lake, playing card games. They talk about how much they like card games and why they should host the play test.

Grebowiec posted the video to Twitter as the contest rules instructed, but advised his girls they might not be selected.

“I wanted them to have reasonable expectations, and then sure enough we got picked,” he said.

It was only two days after submitting the video — before the contest even ended — that Grebowiec got the notification they had been selected, much to the girls’ excitement.

Grebowiec received four pre-production copies of the game about a week ago, and the family already has played it to get familiar with the game.

Four games will be played throughout the afternoon session, with the number of players varying from two to four. Anyone testing the game will be asked to fill out an online form to give the company feedback on game play and the rules, Grebowiec said.

The Gamers’ Guild of Hays has been invited to the test play, but the session is open to the public.

“The more the merrier,” Grebowiec said.