Since Rep. Sue Boldra did not respond to my email letting her know how disappointed I was that, after telling her future constituents that she fully supported higher education, she then turned around to almost immediately vote for funding cuts to higher education in order to fund tax breaks for the rich, it is all painfully clear to me where her priorities are.

Her top priority is supporting the privileged few who funded the multiple mailings we all received depicting, in full color, Eber Phelps in bed with President Obama at the expense of educating young Kansans. It appears that these shrewd capitalists will now get a hefty return on their investments with their first state income tax refund.

Rep. Boldra will, not doubt, get similar "support" should she decide to run for re-election. Meanwhile, college tuition, property taxes and sales taxes for the rest of us will go up. So those of you out there in the top income brackets, don't waste your money in the stock market.

Putting your money into Rep. Boldra's campaign pays even higher dividends from the tax breaks.

Gary Brinker