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Local dancers earn honors at OKC event

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Local dancers earn honors at OKC event

Published on -5/2/2013, 8:14 AM

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Special to The Hays Daily News

Styles Dance Centre's competition company, under the direction of Alyssa Dechant, competed at the Talent on Parade Dance Competition in Oklahoma City from March 7 to 10. The studio earned overall top costume award, and many of the dancers earn individual or group recognition.

Those earning awards included:

8 and younger solos: Brynlee Johnson, Diamond Elite, first overall; and Chloe Cabezas, Elite Top First.

9- and 10-year-old solos: Kaylor Meyers, Diamond Elite, Dance Directive Scholarship, Judges Choice Award, fifth overall; Audrey Irvin-Diamond Elite, Top Starz, Choreography Award, Pre Pro Scholarship, Category Cup Jazz, first overall; Emma Schmidt, Diamond Elite, Pre Pro Scholarship, Category Cup Open, second overall; Annie Wasinger, Elite Top First; Madison Geerdes, Top First; and Stanna Summers, Elite Top First.

11- and 12-year-old solos: Ashtyn Toepfer, Diamond Elite, Top Starz; and Cassie Jo Waldschmidt, Elite Top First.

15- to 19-year-old solos: Bailey Jordan, Elite Top First; Alexa Steinkuhler, Diamond Elite, Top Starz, seventh overall; Lexie Wasinger, Elite Top First; Hannah Talkington, Elite Top First; Julia Oste, Elite Top First, Category Cup Open, Bethany Parker, Elite Top First, Macey Pfeifer, Top First; and Chelsea Zimmerman, Elite Top First.

5- and 6-year-old duo/trios: Kallyn Meyers and Morgan Geerdes, Elite Top First, second overall.

7- and 8-year-old duo/trios: Alexa Moeckel, Kyah Summers and Brynlee Johnson, Elite Top First, second overall; Jenna Schlyer, Reece Leiker and Karlyn Rohr, Elite Top First, Category Cup Jazz, third overall; Myah McCoy, Mackenzie Bates and Morgen Berry, Elite Top First, fourth overall; and Ava Neil, Jada Bainter and Emmy Richards, Top First, fifth overall.

9- and 10-year-old duo/trios: Emma Schmidt, Audrey Irvin and Kaylor Meyers, Diamond Elite, Judges Choice Award, Category Cup Jazz, first overall; Emma Dinkel and Stanna Summers, Elite Top First, fifth overall; Annie Wasinger and Jaidyn Banks, Elite Top First, eighth overall; and Makinsey Schlautman and Madison Geerdes, Elite Top First, ninth overall.

11- and 12-year-old duo/trios: Peyton Niernberger and Kaitlyn Schaben, Elite Top First; Ashtyn Toepfer and Cassie Waldschmidt, Elite Top First, sixth overall; and Emma Schmidt and Gracie Schmidt, Diamond Elite, Judges Choice Award, Category Cup Lyrical, fifth overall.

13- and 14-year-old duo/trios: Aly Claiborn, Julia Hess and Alison Schibi, Elite Top First; Kendra Werth and Alison Schibi, Diamond Elite, Category Cup Open, sixth overall; and Gracie Wasinger and Carmen Brull, Diamond Elite, seventh overall.

15- to 19-year-old duo/trios: Johnae Blackmon, Chelsea Zimmerman and Hannah Talkington, Diamond Elite, Judges Choice; Johnae Blackmon, Chelsea Zimmerman and Hannah Talkington, Diamond Elite; Julia Oste, Erin Pennington and Chelsea Zimmerman, Diamond Elite; Hannah Talkington, Lexsie Ditter and Courtney Keener, Diamond Elite; Hannah Talkington and Chelsea Zimmerman, Elite Top First; and Bethany Parker and Lesley Pennington, Elite Top First.

5- and 6-year-old groups: Kallyn Meyers, Abi Banks, Macara Rohr, Morgan Geerdes and Jaylee Readle, Diamond Elite, Category Cup Jazz, second overall; and Kallyn Meyers, Abi Banks, Macara Rohr, Morgan Geerdes and Jaylee Readle, Diamond Elite, first overall.

7- and 8-year-old groups: Jenna Schlyer, Karlyn Rohr, Reece Leiker, Mackenzie Bates, Annie Wasinger, Makinsey Schlautman, Kyah Summers, Jaidyn Banks and Madison Geerdes, Elite Top First, fifth opverall small group; Emma Dinkel, Alexa Moeckel, Stanna Summers, Brynlee Johnson, Emmy Richards, Jada Bainter, Myah McCoy, Chloe Cabezas and Ava Neil, Diamond Elite, first overall small group; and Jenna Schlyer, Karlyn Rohr, Reece Leiker, Mackenzie Bates, Emmy Richards, Jada Bainter, Myah McCoy, Chloe Cabezas, Ava Neil, Morgen Berry and Jaylee Readle, Diamond Elite, first overall large group.

9- to 12- year-old groups: Annie Wasinger, Makinsey Schlautman, Kyah Summers, Jaidyn Banks, Madison Geerdes, Emma Dinkel, Alexa Moeckel, Stanna Summers and Brynlee Johnson, Elite Top First; Emma Schmidt, Audrey Irvin, Kaylor Meyers, Cassie Jo Waldschmidt and Ashtyn Toepfer, Diamond Elite, second overall small group; Emma Schmidt, Peyton Niernberger, Kaylor Meyers, Cassie Jo Waldschmidt, Ashtyn Toepfer, Kaitlyn Schaben, Emma Dinkel and Alexa Moeckel, Diamond Elite, Judges Choice Award, fifth overall small group; Gracie Wasinger, Carmen Brull, Alison Schibi, Kaitlyn Schaben, Peyton Niernberger, Cassie Jo Waldschmidt, Julia Hess and Ashtyn Toepfer, Elite Top first; Logan Harris, Tara Hertel, Drew Desbien, Autumn Hohmann and Kaitlyn Richmeier, Elite Top First, second overall novice small group.

13- and 14-year-old groups: Gracie Wasinger, Tara Hertel, Lexie Wasinger, Aly Claiborn, Julia Hess, Alison Schibi, Carmen Brull and Autumn Hohmann, Diamond Elite, 10th overall small group; Christine Beougher, Logan Harris, Drew Desbien, Kaitlyn Richmeier and Tara Hertel, Elite Top First, second overall novice small group; Emma Schmidt, Audrey Irvin, Kaylor Meyers, Ashtyn Toepfer, Gracie Wasinger, Hannah Talkington, Johnae Blackmon, Bethany Parker, Julia Oste, Courtney Keener, Peyton Niernberger and Chelsea Zimmerman, Diamond Elite, fourth overall large group.

15- to 19-year-old groups: Courtney Keener, Chelsea Zimmerman, Julia Oste, Bethany Parker, Erin Pennington, Lexsie Ditter, Lexie Wasinger and Lesley Penington, Diamond Elite; Chelsea Zimmerman, Julia Oste, Hannah Talkington, Bethany Parker, Ashtyn Toepfer and Erin Pennington, Diamond Elite; Lexie Wasinger, Brittney Dannels, Bailey Jordan, Bethany Parker, Erin Pennington, Macey Pfeifer, Aly Claiborn, Courtney Keener, Chelsea Zimmerman and Lexsie Ditter, Elite Top First.

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