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Tips on choosing a doctor

A comfortable relationship with a trusted physician can make a difference in the health of a patient.

"Finding the right physician is an important part of achieving or maintaining good health," said Shae Veach, vice president of regional operations for Hays Medical Center. "As a community, we're fortunate to have a wide range of primary care and specialty physicians available right here in Hays."

Veach provided tips for finding a physician.

* Ask for referrals. Talk to family and friends about who their physicians are and what they think of them. Hospitals can provide lists of available physicians.

* Examine your personal preferences. The physician's age or gender could make a difference in how you see them.

* Call the physician's office and ask questions. Are they taking new patients? Are they readily accessible or is there a long wait for appointments? If your physician is not available, will another one in the same clinic see you?

* Make an appointment and talk to the physician. Ask questions about any medical concern you have and pay attention to how comfortable you feel talking to them. Do you feel intimidated? Do you feel rushed?

* Consider meeting with other physicians before you decide. If you ask good questions and take your time, you will find a doctor you can trust and who will contribute to your well-being.

Another tip Veach offers for finding a physician in Hays is HaysMed's website, www.haysmed.com. The Medical Concierge One Call, (855) HAYSMED, also can provide basic information about physicians on staff.