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The village of Catharine was founded in April 1876, according to the Ellis County Historical Society.

Settlers left Katharinenstadt, Russia, in October 1875. They rejected sites in Barton and Pawnee counties and came to Ellis County instead. Its population in 2010 stood at 104.

Their home city's name was English-ized somewhat over time, to Catharine -- sometimes spelled Catherine.

Catharine's early days featured Fred Schmidt's Pool Hall and Bowling Alley, which archives suggest was the first bowling alley in the county.

Other settlements

Pfeifer and Herzog, as well as Liebenthal in Rush County, were founded in 1876 by the Volga-Germans.

Pfeifer's settlers arrived in August 1876, followed by others in October and November.

Antonino was founded by Volga-German residents of Munjor in 1904.

Walker was established in 1872 by a colony from Ohio. Volga-Germans and northern Germans known as Plattdeutschen who first had settled in Kentucky and Ohio also eventually settled there.

Source: "At Home in Ellis County, Kansas" 1991