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City, county offer waste disposal solutions

Each family dwelling unit within the city limits of Hays is supplied one polycart when signing up for collection service.

The 96-gallon polycarts are to be placed along alleys and certain curbsides on designated collection days, which vary depending on a home's location. Trash must be bagged, tied and placed inside the polycart.

Collection is Monday through Friday, with special holiday schedules announced in advance. Collection maps are available at the public works office, 1002 Vine.

Businesses and larger apartment complexes must have a trash contract with a private trash hauler.

Both trash and recycling are collected on the same day, but by different trucks. Recycling blue bags should be placed on the ground about 3 feet from the polycart.

For city crews to pick up recycling, the items must meet the following criteria:

* Residents must presort recyclable items into two separate blue bags. Paper products such as phone books, magazines, newspaper, junk mail and cardboard should be placed in one bag. Other recyclables such as glass, aluminum and plastics are placed in the second blue bag.

* All paper products must be dry.

* All items for recycling must be in blue bags.

* Plastic bags no longer can be accepted. But can be recycled at Walmart or Dillons' stores.

Once the blue bags are collected, they travel to the city's recycling facility. Paper products are baled and sold. Plastic items are compacted and shipped to Hutchinson, where a company processes and sells the material.

Refuse can be placed in any colored bag except blue or red.

Yard waste must be bagged and have a special yard waste sticker that can be purchased in the city clerk's office. They are available in sets of five for $5.25.

Ellis County residents are invited to dispose of yard waste at the compost site without cost. It is located south of 13th Street on General Custer Road.

Items accepted include leaves, grass clippings and garden waste.

Wood products, tree limbs, and chipped wood no longer are accepted at the compost site and should be taken to the Ellis County landfill, 1515 W. 55th. City of Hays residential customers will not be charged; however, tree service businesses will be assessed standard rates.

Residents also can collect wood chips and compost for no charge if it is available.

Paint, oil and other household hazardous waste should not be thrown in the trash. It should be taken to the county's HHW collection site, located at the landfill.

Disposal of these items in quantities of 50 pounds or 5 gallons, or less, is free of charge. No commercial hazardous waste is accepted.

For questions regarding a complete description of acceptable material, or for heavier amounts, call the Ellis County Environmental Office at (785) 628-9449 or the Ellis County landfill at (785) 628-9460.

The Ellis County landfill is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The landfill accepts municipal waste, construction and demolition waste, metal products, trees and appliances based on current fee schedule.

In addition to HHW, the site also accepts municipal waste, construction/demolition waste, metal products, tires, and appliances based on the current fee schedule.

To make arrangements to have non-traditional trash items, such as sofas, hauled away at times other than the regularly scheduled cleanup, contact the city of Hays Solid Waste Division at (785) 628-7357.

Report illegal dumping in rural areas to the county public works office at (785) 628-9455.


Residents, schools, government agencies and nonprofit organizations can take their e-waste to the Ellis County Transfer Station on 55th Street free of charge.

Businesses must take their e-waste to the same location, but will be charged 25 cents per pound for disposal.

Ellis County is now a partner in the Solomon Valley E-Waste Recycling Coalition for recycling and disposal of e-waste.

CRT monitors and some televisions no longer will be accepted as e-waste.

The e-waste is collected at the Ellis County landfill. When the trailer is full, a representative from the coalition will bring an empty trailer and take the full one to Osborne County for sorting and recycling.

For more information, contact the Hays Public Works Department at (785) 628-7350.