Ellis County Fair is now past for 2017. The county fair season isn’t over, there are more fairs in the area. You can see and hear their advertisements on our local forms of media.

On the day I volunteered, Monday the 17th, I noticed a couple come into the exhibit building. They looked around looked each other shrugged their shoulders then left. That’s when I realized our fair ad states to come to the Ellis County Fair July 15 to 23 but to see the exhibits they need to come after entry and judging days.

The schedule reads all areas of Schenk Exhibit building are closed to the public viewing until 7 p.m. the 18th then beginning the 19th to be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Confusing. It’s taken a lot of planning to include all the contests for the many shows and exhibits available to participate in.

Actually the fair begins earlier with the 4-4 fashion revice July 13, then 4-H and open class dog shows on July 14 and the 4-H and open class Horse shows on July 15.

So if there is something special you want to see it is necessary to get a fair schedule, study it or call and ask when the event will be held.

There is no way to plan ahead for the weather. This year it was so hot making it hard to take part, enjoy and appreciate the midway events. When I think back to the many fairs in the past, not only hot temperatures, rain, mud and storm warnings, we can’t predict what mother nature has planned. Now to list things that are positive. The exhibit buildings air conditioned, it’s free to enter them and there are clean restrooms. It is free to park on fairgrounds, and there are volunteers to help, just ask.

Another positive change is the method of pre-entry. Your paperwork is completed ahead of time and entries are in the system. As I admired the beautiful and interesting exhibits: photography, art work, foods, flowers, crops, wood working and more, I picked out two special items. The daycare entry of paper-rolled bead necklaces and the barn quilt blocks were amazing.

I learned about new things from the commercial booths such as A2Z Escape, Kansas Winery and Sandy’s Photos. The clown was popular and face painted children were cute, especially the little fellow who had tire marks across his face — a very clever paint job.

I hope you have attended a fair, there are so many people involved. The fair board members, Extension staff, 4-H families and open class from the community put long hours of planning, hours on 4-H projects, hours working on exhibits then hours getting the building and grounds ready, hours spent during the fair and of course hours in clean up. We should thank all the volunteers, sponsors and supporters of each county fair and just be filled with pride for your county fair. I’m certainly proud of the Ellis County Fair.

I hope you will plan to be part of a fair in 2018: Enter, attend and enjoy.

Opal Flinn is a member of the Generations Advisory Board