My past few weeks have been difficult. It all began with my first deer accident. I was always happy to say: “I have been so lucky to never have hit a deer.” As many miles as I drive to Hays from Ellis and back home again on Old U.S. Highway 40, my friends worried about me. Well, at 6 p.m. Dec. 23 just west of Yocemento, my luck ended. Wham! Oh my gosh I must have hit a deer. I didn’t see it. I just kept driving. When I arrived in Ellis, I stopped at Casey’s and got out to see what damage I had.

I called the local police. He came and then contacted the sheriff. The sheriff came, checked the car and asked if I was hurt. He then gave me a case number to give to my insurance agent. I contacted my agent, he took pictures and asked me to get an estimate. Haven’t heard anything more. I continue to drive and thank the Lord I’m OK.

I never thought I would have to call a towing service to pull my car out of the hole I got myself stuck in my yard. Now you are wondering: She was stuck in her yard? What happened?

Well when the weather was below zero, I spent some time in town. Even though I left a faucet dripping, a pipe froze in my basement. When it thawed, the water ran out. I am lucky the water could run out the door into the back since the door is ground level.

The water well service repaired the pipe, and my son wrapped the pipes. I hope all goes well the rest of the winter. I had forgotten Jim used to wrap the pipes.

I found an interesting box of stuff when I checked to see if anything got soaked from the water leak. I found a Capper’s Weekly newspaper dated May 1969. I had forgotten about these interesting papers.

Do you remember the small weekly paper published in Topeka? The Capper’s Weekly.

I dearly loved the paper when I was a teenager and when I was a young married wife. It had so much in it, special pages for a housewife, farmer, jokes, continued serial, world news and numerous ads and more.

I really enjoyed finding them, and they brought back memories. An example of one story sent in by a reader in Nebraska: Wasted year. One little girl went to school, writing to enjoy the picnic in the park on last day of school. It rained, and the picnic was called off. “You mean she said I’ve gone to school the whole year for nothing?”

I have kept an eye on the geese spending winter in Ellis. The number has grown. I’d guess there are more then 125. They keep the circle open in the ice. They leave during the day to find a place to eat. I’m not sure what they find nibbling under the grass. They are beautiful, healthy large birds.

I continue to be on the go. I took a friend to the Taste of Hays event. I filled my plate and came back to my seat. I carried my plate on my walker, turned around and sat on my plate. Wow, another dumb thing. I volunteered at the reception desk at the Snowball Square Dance Festival. Just made it to Super R Bowl, came down from Ellis after church.

Winter is colorless. We can smile when we bring color into our days like bright square dance outfits and the yellow sunflowers for Kansas Day on the 29th at the meal site celebration. Soon we can smile at the red hearts on Valentine's Day and Easter eggs.

Time passes. Remember tomorrow will turn into today, and that becomes yesterday. Don’t miss the wonderful life the Heavenly Father gives us. Best wishes.

Opal Flinn is a member of the Generations Advisory Group.